Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I just typed like half a page of funny little tidbits fromo the day and it went away! CRUD! So short and sweet, here is part 2 of my spring collection with about 4 more still not photographed.
I was really inspired this time around and was in a sewing frenzy for our BOUTIQUE WILD CHILD spring launch.
I must have over 200 yards of fabric in my living room as we speak. My sewing studio in the addition is nearly done, but neither Ruben nor I seem to interested in texuting, painting and flooring at this point. So close yet so far away!
So here is about 1/2 of my fabric right smack dab in the middle of my hosue staring me down everyday. I chose to either embrace the yardage I've put to the wayside, or chuck it into the fire place.
I opted for the first and came up with a wide variety of stuff.
In my next post I will be celebrating someone very dear to my heart, stay tuned!